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Pocket Empire is an Android game that feels like a much larger game somehow placed into a mobile. It is reminiscent of similar strategy games like the Civilisation series and the Age of Empires series. Now this is a big comparison for a mobile game, as these games are notoriously known for their in-depth approach to the this genre. The question is can Pocket Empire become synonymous with the mobile section of strategy games.

The graphics of Pocket Empire are nicely detailed with each building distinctive in its design and colour. The isometric viewpoint can hurt the game a little bit though when some buildings block each from view and your tapping on the wrong feature. This however helped by the presentation, which focuses on menus and lots of them, but with a game of this depth is somewhat forgiveable and inevitable from a design perspective.

The gameplay features a big variety in buildings that can be built including a castle for your residents, barracks for your army and even a research lab. It centres around the common commodities of food and gold, which is produced by your mine and farm. All of these can be upgraded , in the form of levels, to give your city more power. Other cities can be raided and spied on giving the game an MMORPG feel to it. However this is only becomes a truth a little while into the game. This leads to the main issue with the game – its pacing. With each building is built in real time, you won’t play this game an hours on end, rather it encourages more of a dip in an out approach to gameplay. This will quickly frustrate a number of players. Persistent players though will find some joy underneath.

The controls are easy to master with the touchscreen and little taps replacing the use of the traditional mouse system. Of course without a keyboard present, no shortcuts are available so it can a little on the long side to find what you want.



Here is a video about Pocket Empire:

AndroGamez Score – 7

Price: Free


Overall this a good game, but a game only for the patient. The more you persist with this game, the more rewards it will throw out to you. For those looking for little snatches of gameplay then this may be the game, but this will never be a game that you can have a marathon session with. A game only for fans of the genre.

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